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Want to discover the best of France without venturing too far from home? Normandy is just a hop across the channel and makes the perfect location for a French family holiday.

It couldn’t be easier to drive straight from your home in the UK to your ‘mobile home’ from home at Siblu’s Domaine de Litteau holiday park, thanks to regular ferry crossings to Caen (only 35 miles from Domaine de Litteau/ approximately a 50 minute drive).


Our Holiday Park in Normandy

Litteau, Calvados

Situated on the edge of the Cerisy Forest in Normandy, Siblu’s Domaine de Litteau is the ideal place for a countryside retreat in a stunning natural setting. Perfect for families with children of all ages, this peaceful holiday park boasts a covered pool complex, an outdoor play zone and two on-site fishing lakes.

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Covered pool with slide and spa bath
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What to Expect From a Trip to the Region


Normandy is rich is culture and history, its past has been intertwined with that of the UK right through from the days of William the Conqueror to the famous D-Day landings of World War II meaning there are plenty of fascinating ruins, museums and historical sites to discover. Normandy’s natural beauty also makes Domaine de Litteau the perfect spot for a countryside getaway: long golden beaches, green rolling fields and, right next to the holiday park, the huge expanse of the Cérisy forest. 


Why Choose Normandy?

Drive Yourself

Bring your own car from the UK when you get the ferry to Normandy!

Countryside Retreat

A beautiful peaceful location for getting in touch with nature. 


Bring school history lessons to life

Food & Drink

Regional delicacies include Camembert and Normandy

Explore Other Regions in France

The beautiful region of Brittany on France’s North West coast is an ideal choice for a seaside holiday! What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to travel to Brittany on the ferry from the UK, meaning you can bring your own car to France without having to worry about what you’re bringing with you.

Ideally situated with Paris to the North and the sandy beaches of Vendée and the Loire Atlantique to the West, the tranquil Loire Valley is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway in the French countryside where the country's longest river makes its way through greenery and rolling hills dotted with fairy tale castles.

With 140 km worth of sandy beaches, the largest departmental cycle network in France and amazing water sports opportunities, Vendée is the place to be for anyone who’s after an active outdoor getaway or who’s craving the feel of the sea breeze in their hair. 

Charente-Maritime is a sunny seaside region of West Coast France where you’ll find three of our most popular Siblu holiday parks: Les Charmettes, Bonne Anse Plage and La Pignade.

Discover the beauty of France's West Coast in one of our Charente-Maritime or Vendée campsites. This stunning stretch of Atlantic coast is an ideal holiday destination, suitable for families and groups of all ages. Perfect for water sports, cycling and sunbathing.

You can’t beat the South of France when it comes to a holiday full of sea and sunshine! From taking a dip in the warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean to sampling the world-famous culinary delights of Provence...

Named after the Rhone River and the Alps mountains, the Rhone Alps region in southeast France is an area of stunning natural beauty where forests, mountains and rivers meet in a balmy Mediterranean climate. It’s also home to France’s third-largest city, Lyon, famed for its history, architecture, food and wine.

Normandy History

Bayeux Tapestry
The incredibly detailed, remarkably well-preserved Bayeaux tapestry is a 1,000 year old, 70 metre long embroidered cloth which tells the story of the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England by William Duke of Normandy (William the Conqueror) and the Battle of Hastings. This amazing artistic and historical document was housed in Bayeaux Cathedral for hundreds of years but is now on display in the Musée de la Tapisserie de Bayeaux. It is well worth a visit to gain a greater understanding of Normandy’s fascinating history and how it links with that of England.
D-Day Landing Beaches
Not far from the ferry port at Caen are the D-day beaches where the famous ‘Normandy landings’ paved the way for the end of World War II. Today, these long sandy beaches are calm and beautiful: they seem ideal for taking a dip, a stroll or for enjoying a crêpe while gazing out to sea. It’s almost hard to believe that less than 80 years ago, this peaceful shoreline was the site of brutal fighting during the largest seaborne invasion in history. At Arromanches you can visit the D-day museum to gain a greater understanding of the operation and its context within Second World War, or immerse yourself in the moving 360 cinema experience which really brings the events of 1944 to life.
British War Cemetery/ Bayeux War Cemetery
No matter how much you read about the horrors of the two World Wars, the shocking sight of rows of war graves really brings home the human cost of the conflict. At Bayeaux you’ll find a cemetery dedicated to the United Kingdom, which remains a lasting tribute to British sacrifices made during the two world wars. Here in the peaceful, natural surroundings, visitors are invited to take a moment to reflect and remember all those who lost their lives. It’s a particularly moving experience for children or teenagers who are studying the world wars at school.
Château de Falaise – Calvados
Overlooking the Calvados landscape from its position on top of a high crag, this impressive 12th century castle ‘Le Château de Falaise’ marks the birthplace of William the Conqueror and was, for many years, home to the Dukes of Normandy. Now the restored castle is open to visitors and has a range of immersive exhibitions and activities which really bring the past to life by allowing you to dive into how the site and its inhabitants might have looked in days gone by.

Normandy Culture

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It’s no surprise that Normandy’s charming port town of Honfleur was once particularly popular as a muse for impressionist painters such as Claude Monet. The sight of boats bobbing in the port against the colourful facades of the iconic Honfleur houses really is like something out of a painting. Find out more about the history of the town at the maritime museum or stock up on local cheeses at the Honfleur’s market. What’s more, wildlife fans shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the Naturospace zoological garden, the largest ‘equatorial zoo’ of its kind in France. Who’d have thought you could experience an immersive rainforest experience in Normandy!?
Mont Saint Michel
The sight of the holy abbey rising out of the sea on the Mont Saint Michel island is perhaps one of the most famous and beautiful images of Normandy. Approximately one kilometre from the mainland, the abbey’s strategic position allowed pilgrims to reach the island at low tide, but also meant that it was inaccessible at high tide, making it easier to keep hostile (often English) forces at bay. Later it was famously used as a prison during the French revolution. Explore the beauty of this little island complete with shops, restaurants and museums, all encircling the imposing abbey.
Bayeaux Cathedral
Bayeaux’s Notre Dame Cathedral was consecrated in 1077 by none other than William the Conqueror himself. What’s more, it is believed to be the site where the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, Harold II, swore an oath to William the Conqueror. And it was even home to the Bayeaux tapestry for hundreds of years, before it was moved to its own museum. With so many years of fascinating history contained within its walls, Bayeaux Cathedral is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area during your Normandy camping holiday. The impressive ancient architecture, the medieval wall paintings and the underground crypt all contribute to the feeling of stepping back in time.
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Food & Drink
Normandy is known throughout France for its delicious regional produce and its particularly famous for its milk, cream and cheese (welcome to the home of Camembert!) It’s also well-known for its orchards and its apples, so don’t miss out on a glass of authentic Normandy cider or a taste of Calvados apple brandy! Or maybe just a glass of apple juice and a helping of apple tart for younger members of the party... Seafood in this region is also second to none: the delicate Coquille St Jacques scallops are a particular regional speciality. Why not head to one of Normandy’s charming fishing ports, such as Port-en-Bessin, to try them completely fresh?

Normandy Natural World

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Suisse Normande
Normandy might be geographically close to the South of the UK, but the amazing sense of space in this beautifully diverse countryside make it feel worlds away. If you’re a fan of walking, fishing or just relaxing in beautiful surroundings, it’s well worth checking out the area south of Caen known as ‘Suisse Normande’, which runs along the River Orne. This area got its name because its rugged, green landscape bears resemblance to the Swiss Alps!
near beach
Normandy’s beaches may be world-famous for their history, but they are also worth visiting in their own right as part of your holiday at Domaine de Litteau. The endless sandy beaches along this stretch of coastline provide the perfect environment for paddling, swimming, sandcastle building or beach sports. If you want to take it a bit further with something more adventurous, why not have a go at something like kite surfing or sand yachting?
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Zoos and Aquariums
Normandy also has its fair share of zoos and aquariums, perfect for keeping the kids occupied on a rainy day. Meet tropical birds and butterflies at Naturospace in Honfleur or come face to face with reptiles like tortoises, snakes, alligators and crocodiles at Alligator Bay in Beauvoir. Meanwhile, Cherbourg’s la Cité de la Mer has an impressive aquarium to explore as well as a range of exhibitions covering everything from the Titanic to the Second World War. A great stopping point on the way to the ferry port!

Travelling to Normandy from the UK


Getting the ferry to Normandy from the UK is particularly popular with our holidaymakers at Domaine de Litteau. 


Brittany Ferries operates the following routes (please check their website for more details/updates):

Portsmouth-Caen (Less than 1 hour drive from Domaine de Litteau)

Portsmouth-St Malo



Distances/ approximate driving time from Caen ferry port

Domaine de Litteau

35 miles/ 50 minute drive

Distances/approximate driving times from Cherbourg ferry port

Domaine de Litteau

65 miles/1 hr 15 mins drive

Distances/approximate driving times from St Malo ferry port

Domaine de Litteau

95 miles/ 1 hr 40 mins drive